A project by Louise Cirou and Juliette Mouton

This service project offers users to share their theaters/movies cravings depending on its location, upcoming schedules and to match this venue with its list of authorized contacts. Thus, it can launch an appointment for assessment on its network with an ending time. It can schedule appointments according to sessions. User can accept or decline these meeting or shake his phone as a random game to get a corresponding last minutes appointment.
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A project by Laura Ollivier and Laurane Richard

This service project is a books sharing service. It can be also a people meeting service. Based on user contacts network, connected to the existing books readers service from Orange. They can choose books depending on less usual criteria such as geolocation, the available reading time or the urgency of their request. They can get a special reader status, based on their readings, regularity or using the service, which decides their status within the network. This criteria customization for reading/reader adds a social layer to the exchange of book promoting meetings in real life.
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?! (Questions-Answers)

A project by Mélanie Peretti and Rémy Sénégas

This project is about connecting people. People with questions and people with responses on any domains, experts or not. Furthermore, it also offers people with skills or expertise to expose it socially, by challenges. Asker sets parameters then refines it depending on first answerers responses. Then, answerer becomes expert, begining contest between experts, generating rewards and achievments. Look at a manual (.PDF file)

Team Data

A project by Adrian Veyrac

This project proposes to use competitive spirit to bring members of a same family to play for titles or points. The game can also be extended to other families from the first user's contacts / family leader. The game is based on data flow recorded from various sensors placed in different parts of the House, objects... generating family members status. Users can define their challenge, which may or may not be accepted by other members, or friend's families or neighbors on Orange network. Then, obtained points can be redeemed for Orange services or third-party promotions.
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Slick @

A project by Maxime Castagnac

This project proposes to use another approach selecting movies on a video on demand service. The interface offers users to choose less usual criteria such as availability time; mind or mood status... Then, these settings are used to grow database, integrated in movies criteria and can be used as comparative by another user/friend from the list of contact of the user (anonymously or not).
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A project by Léo Tavoni

This project proposes to aggregate various items of news, mainly depending on user location and according to its points of interest, reported by hashtags or offered by its location. Then user can save some news roads or news point of interests or places... Some filters can be applied to news folders, filters like contacts proximity (so, user can browse or consult their selections and readings).
Look at a main manual, user profile/use case/interface (.PDF file) Look at an interface manual (.PDF file)