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A project by Pia Gaussot

This project offers a social meetings platform where personal data are not displayed as such but generate a profile as an abstract and visual avatar. search and social relationships are not anymore based on physical criteria but on psychological profile evaluation which is interpreted visually from personal and other data got from daily various digital tools uses.
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A project by Alice Dubreuil

This tool offers to visitors of cultural places or activities to record some data from their trip. Then, it constitutes a sort of digital heritage from its trips. Thus, user may consult this heritage on a web platform after each visits. He can retrieve its informations or add news as minmaps that he can complete and share, or get additional informations from his friends as he can improve their own.
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A project Sandy Serapicos

Melior is a mobile application to manage its alimentation. Based on purchases by supermarket fidelity cards, Melior stores data about household consumption. Then it overlaps these data with individual ones it got from each user by qizzes or polls. The app compares purchased goods with those which are really consumed. Each user gets a profile of its own consumption, then he can optimize it for next purchases.
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A project by Odyssée Khorsandian

Venatus is an app for home videogame consoles. It analyzes some biometrics data from player as he’s playing. Data as cardiac activity, pressure and stress or game control devices uses. This profile is shared with friends and/or player, then user can share or manage activities, challenges and set up groups, especially balanced to play cooperation games, with players selected from information he got from biometric profiles.
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A project by Jeanne Delorme-Wautier

(What) is a mobile app companion for travelers in transit. During a stopover, varying on time lapses or location, the app offers to optimize this travel parenthesis by social or individual activities: cultural information, consumption or oriented shopping, meeting or forum with people, selected by varied interests.
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A project by Léo Tavoni

Movieplus is a VOD service masked in a location-based application. Depending on place you are, the application will propose to browse movies which have a connection to this place, whatever it is. If movie was filmed on this place or if its actions takes place in there, the application will allow user to remember its journey or trip by this selection of films. Then the playlist can be shared with user entourage.
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